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How to Convert Chair into Round Swivel Chair

There are various different types and design of chair option offered in the market, but one of the good interesting choice is by having round swivel chair. A round swivel chair can be useful in a bedroom, dining room or child’s room, and is an excellent solution if you need to use a single chair to move between two different areas of conversation.

Small Round Swivel Chair

Small Round Swivel Chair


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Image of: Small Round Swivel Chair
  1. Choose the right chair. Look for a chair with an upholstered or skirt that reaches the floor to cover the rotating structure. You can also choose to reupholster or cover the chair to make it a swivel chair once the base is installed.
  2. The legs of the chair. This usually requires no tools. Observe While the base of the chair. The swivel base screw in the center of the base of the round swivel chair.
  3. If necessary, reinforcing the part inside of the chair. Cut plywood with the appropriate form for your chair, carefully matching the dimensions of the inside of the chair, and the plywood ensures crosstabs. Make sure you get a solid foundation.
  4. Make holes in the base of the chair, so that they are aligned with the mounting holes in the base of his round swivel chair.
  5. Put the swivel base in place on the chair with screws or bolts. Tighten bolts or nuts. Rotate the seat into position.
  6. Post a holster or tapestry chair, if necessary, to cover the rotating structure.

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