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Make Tree Stump Table

Tree stump table will be the good part you have in living space, it looks unique and interesting usually with its irregular shape and very nice accent. If you really want a smart idea to create a unique table, turns to Mother Nature. She will inspire you to create a piece of furniture easy to do. You can even take the credit for saving a tree stump nice way to be relegated to mere wood for fireplace. Finish the table with a cover that you make yourself or make your table finished as simple and pristine as nature created it.

Outdoor Tree Stump Table

Outdoor Tree Stump Table

Examine the tree stump table you are considering for your bedside table to make sure you do not have termites, broken parts or other structural damage resulting from a bad treatment he could have given the tree.

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Dry the tree stump table if it is wet or has been exposed to the elements after being cut and removed the outer shell that is already released. This could take weeks and requires only that you withhold. Also used the time to dry to allow resident’s bugs abandon ship. Takes stump delved so dry and fit the temperature of the house.

Use protective gloves and a hammer and a metal screed tool to loosen and remove the remaining bark stump. Use your sander or sandpaper to work methodically around the stump, smoothing wood.

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