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Best Place a Plate Rack

To organize your dishes in your kitchen, you can consider well to add good plate rack there and here you can read some ideas of how to place the plate rack properly. The plate rack is a handy accessory in any kitchen. The market offers a variety of rack, different sizes and various fastening systems. In this article we show how to hang and place a plate rack for your kitchen cabinets.

Wooden Plate Racks For Kitchens

Wooden Plate Racks For Kitchens

Step by step to place a plate rack in a closet

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  1. Work started emptying the closet where we put the dish drainer.
  2. Also removed the doors and cabinet shelf to do the job more easily.
  3. With the help of laser level, mark the fixing points considering its horizontality.
  4. Measure the diameter and depth of the bracket with the caliper.
  5. Insert the drill wood drill bit the same diameter as the tray support.
  6. To get support housing having a desired depth, we will put a piece of tape on the drill bit, which serves as a reference.
  7. Drilled four holes, two on each side of the cabinet.
  8. We place the tray in place.
  9. Its removable tray will allow us to drain the accumulated water whenever we want, keeping dry inside the cabinet.
  10. The other tray placed on top of the furniture in the same procedure.
  11. Finally, we put the doors. From this very quickly and easily.

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