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The sculptured carpet is a flooring option, providing a comfortable walking surface and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Carpet varies in color and depth as well as the physical construction of wire attached to the base. Two styles of carpet, called texture and sculpted, offer different features and contrasting characteristics of the structure.

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Carpet Construction, Basic carpet begins as several pieces of thread loop attached to a carpet backing. Depending on the intended end style, thread loops are tightly packed together to create a carpet pile. ┬áTextured sculptured carpet is a form of cut pile carpet. However, the textured mat is heat treated during manufacture. The steam heats the hair textured carpet, creating folds and curls in the lengths of individual thread. Frizz is permanent and provides reduced light reflectance. The resulting carpet hair reduces the footprint of appearances, resulting in the description of the carpet as “road less.”

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Features sculptured carpet; a sculptured carpet used in the construction of both loop and cut pile. Longer pieces of yarn are cut, while shorter pieces remain inside the loop pile carpet. Height differences along the sculpted carpet create an appearance of great texture suitable for both formal and informal room applications.

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